Harmful Antimeme[edit]
When a creature reads this writing, written in a long-extinct language by a servant of the old gods, they take 1d4 psychic damage. As long as the writing is in their peripheral vision afterwards, they feel queasy and have cloudy vision. As such, they have disadvantage on all Dexterity, Constitution, and Wisdom (Perception) checks while under the effects of the writing. As well, if a creature tries to take any action while affected, they must first pass a DC 8 Constitution check. If they fail the check, however, then they tear their eyes violently away from the writing.
Having the writing go out of a creature’s line of sight dispels its nausea. However, doing so causes the creature to forget all about the eldritch scrawlings and their effects. Any previously affected creature must pass a DC 18 Constitution check in order to recall the attributes and shape of the writing, which lasts a number of minutes equal to the passing roll. If this DC 18 Constitution check was failed or after the number of minutes is depleted, the creature feels as if a hole has been drilled into their head, and as a result, the creature is stunned for 1 minute and forgets the writing once again.
A successful DC 24 dispel magic cast, DC 9 Strength check, or any mark made on the writing will nullify its ability to damage and nauseate creatures, though it can still be forgotten. Attempting to force a creature to remember the writing causes 1d8 psychic damage to said creature.

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