Many DMs use music to set the mood and bring the adventure to life. Reddit user bezoing put together a massive list of playlists, organized by mood, situation or type of encounter. If you want to support his effort, consider visiting his patreon page to give him a small tip.

Ambient: Cavern
Ambient: Forest
Ambient: Mountain Pass
Ambient: Mystical
Ambient: Ocean
Ambient: Storm

Atmosphere: The Captial
Atmosphere: The Cathedral
Atmosphere: The Desert
Atmosphere: The Dungeon
Atmosphere: The Fey
Atmosphere: The Manor
Atmosphere: The Road
Atmosphere: The Saloon
Atmosphere: The Swamp
Atmosphere: The Tavern
Atmosphere: The Town
Atmosphere: The Underdark
Atmosphere: The Wild

Critical Role: Campaign 1 Tracks
PotA: Sacred Stone Monastery
STK: Eye of the All-Father
STK: Maelstrom

Campaign: Greygate

Combat: Boss
Combat: Duel
Combat: Epic
Combat: Horrifying
Combat: Standard
Combat: Tough

Monsters: Aberrations
Monsters: Beasts
Monsters: Dragons
Monsters: Giants
Monsters: Goblins
Monsters: Hags
Monsters: Orcs
Monsters: Tribesmen
Monsters: Undead

Mood: Creepy
Mood: Denouement
Mood: Joyful
Mood: Mysterious
Mood: Ominous
Mood: Pleasant
Mood: Ridiculous
Mood: Serious
Mood: Somber
Mood: Tense
Mood: Triumphant

Setting: Barovia
Setting: Chult
Setting: Cyberpunk
Sea Shanties

Situation: Chase
Situation: Stealth