Check out The Exemplar, a fun martial homebrew class with lots of options

The Examplar is a combat-focused homebrew class created by Rain-Junkie on reddit. It’s a martial class with lots of customization options. See what Rain-Junkie had to say about the new class below:

"I’m super happy to finally be presenting my Exemplar class to y’all! I wanted to make a martial class that rewarded players that could make strategic choices when presented with a plethora of options, but also was able to function for players that wanted to play with the same options from day to day! So many options, in fact, that at Level 3, you have 20 possible combinations between your Heroic Aspect and Exalted Boon! This increases to 700 at 11th level! (But drops back down to 560 at 17th level, because maths). You could play a completely unique character every single adventuring day, if you wanted!

Fun fact! At level 13 (when you have the most options avaliable to you), there’s over 33600 different kinds of exemplars that could exist! That’s not even taking Ability Score Improvements into account!

I hope you enjoy reading the class, and are able to use it in your games! If you enjoy the concept of the class but find its MADness (Multiple Attribute Dependance) off-putting, I’d recommend the following quick changes!

  • Reduce the classes hit dice to a d8.

  • EITHER a) make your exemplar ability modifier (EAM) the lowest of your Strength or Dexterity modifiers (keep proficiencies from Aspiring Legend as normal) or b) make Armed Defence your choice of STR/DEX + EAM, make Heroic Feat bonus equal to EAM to STR/DEX check/save 1/SRLR, and then make Heroic Will +EAM to weapon damage rolls."

Download the PDF version here

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