174 Statblocks for NPC encounters

William Rotor has released a pay-what-you-want book to help with NPC encouncers. OUTCLASSED: The NPC Statblock Compendium is available on the Dungeonmaster Guild website. There is also a free preview of 47 NPC statblocks available here

This 200+ page book was written to alleviate the agony of creating a completely new character for enemies with class levels simply because there aren’t many NPC statblocks available in the officially published books. Before now, if you wanted your party to fight a righteous paladin, your options were basically a knight (MM) or a blackguard (VGM). Now you have thirteen new options! For example. There are dozens of barbarians, bards, clerics, druids, fighters, monks, paladins, rangers, rogues, sorcerers, warlocks, wizards, and even some non-traditional classes like artificer, blood hunter, and rouge, not to mention dozens of smaller disconnected statblocks for NPCs that fit a specific purpose outside of a class identity.

Included in this book:

  • 174 NPC statblocks
  • 12 flavourful write-ups on how to incorporate the DnD classes as factions into your game
  • A guide for quickly applying a race to a statblock
  • Several indexes sorted by class, CR, thematic similarity, and sourcebook
  • Clarifications and examples of the thought process behind building NPCs
  • Bonus material and variant rules as easter eggs peppered throughout
  • In-text hyperlinks to take you quickly where you need to go in the PDF
  • Pure white and black aesthetic. No distracting images or fancy effects. Just what you need, where you need it.
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