12 pregenerated Characters available for free download

Need some quick pregenerated first-level characters for a game? There’s a pack of 12 characters as "pay what you want" download on DMs Guild. These characters are ready for you to use in you to use in your home game or Adventurers League game set in the Forgotten Realms!

Each character features necessary details to play, but also comes with suggestions for advancement up to level three. And if you need more to get you into the scenario, each character comes with optional background information.

Included in this pack:

Dwarven barbarian
Halfing bard
Kobold cleric
Human druid
Human fighter
Tiefling monk
Orc paladin
Elven ranger
Half-elf rogue
Eladrin sorcerer
Kenku warlock
Deep gnome wizard

Download Pregenerated Characters – Set 1

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