Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is coming to game stores on Sept. 7 and to celebrate we have Victoria Rogers & Josh Perault on to discuss Podcasts of Waterdeep, ten episodes of a continuous story recorded by artist from the D&D liveplay community. Victoria, DM of the Broadswords, and Josh, from the Taking Initiative podcast, teamed up to outline this storyline you will be able to download from the Dungeon Delve RSS starting on September 10. Learn about Podcast of Waterdeep at dnd.wizards.com/powd. On Lore You Should Know, Chris Perkins tells everyone about some of the more obscure named wizards in the Forgotten Realms.

Here’s a guide to when each segment on the podcast begins:

00:00: Intro with Greg Tito & Shelly Mazzanoble
09:05: Lore You Should Know with Chris Perkins
22:35: Interview with Victoria Rogers & Josh Perault
1:11:05: Outro with Greg Tito & Shelly Mazzanoble