The Brawler, Bandit, Brigand, Bard: A Sourcebook of New NPCs

Earlier this week, Adam Hancock released Brawler, Bandit, Brigand, Bard, a new Dungeon Masters Guild supplement that comes with over 70 new NPCs and the tools to make countless more. This exciting new supplement is sure to provide Dungeon Masters with a host of new possibilities and adventure hooks.

The supplement includes a wealth of content, with over 70 NPC stat blocks, backgrounds, motivations, and story hooks. Each character is fully fleshed out with a detailed backstory and unique personality, allowing Dungeon Masters to customize their NPCs to fit the needs of their campaign. The characters range from a variety of races and classes, including fighters, rogues, bards, barbarians, and more.

The supplement also features a variety of tools to help Dungeon Masters create their own NPCs. There are tables for generating names, backgrounds, personalities, and even entire personalities. Additionally, the supplement includes a variety of sample conversations, adventure hooks, and plot points for Dungeon Masters to use in their campaigns.

The supplement also features a variety of new magic items and magical effects. The magical effects are designed to be both flavorful and mechanically interesting, adding a unique flavor to any game. The supplement also includes a variety of new monsters, such as goblins, orcs, and creatures from the Feywild.

Overall, the Brawler, Bandit, Brigand, Bard supplement is an excellent addition to any Dungeon Master‘s toolbox. The supplement provides an exciting new way to customize NPCs and add flavor to a campaign. The variety of tools and content included in the supplement make it easy to create unique and interesting NPCs, while the new magic items and magical effects add a unique flavor to any game.

Get Brawler, Bandit, Brigand, Bard here.

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