This week we crack wide the foundations of Halûme’s gestalt (and our funny bones) and attempt to discern just what exactly can describe the mind-soul-spirit-body dichotomies of philosophical models that represent the nature of being for the Knowing races.

Oh also Scirus.

Talking points: No More Glasses, moist belly buttons, Multiversal ambivalence, fire alarms, lazy narrative insertion, the nature of (fantasy) consciousness, every[inflatable ball]thing floats down here, the Third Sock and other risqué fashion trends, and just the worst attempts at mental models. Really. Kant is barrel-rolling in his grave.

Referenced episodes

  • Wild magic, defiance of dreams: ep. 46
  • Psions, transgress of the focal impass: ep. 60
  • Somnus, contour plane of cosmic slumber: ep. 62
  • Cairns, souls & the Lesser Beauties: ep. 71

That Other Reference


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