It’s been a while Meccas, how are you all? We’ve missed you! But not you Ezraish. Nobody misses your dark ways.

But it’s what we’re talking about this week, so.

Talking points: dangerous moving, peanut country #aphantasia, main characters without a face (literally), Las Vegas is ‘someone’s mecca, aping MTG, fantasy meth, Amalgam, Death Ibiza, practical seasilver, lich almanac, Tennessee Williams is Not a Liquor, Shredder is a lich, and no necrophilia plz.

Referenced episodes

  • Roarark, apex-city of the philosopher queen: ep. 8 & 9
  • Yamdallah, mecca of the dragonborn: ep. 16
  • En’golin, the First mecca of the distant Maker: ep. 20
  • Whispers of the Nameless, agents of the void: ep. 21
  • Seasilver, lunar iron and the fourth moon of Sudar: ep. 56


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