This week we take it to the big man himself: the literal sun. What is special about the Halûmian sun? Is he a god? Or just a fantasy?

Talking points: Ford Insights, Shatner and other next of kin, personhood v. anmism, astrologonomy, more BS about arcane quantum reality, vacuum batteries, magical gut flora, soirées with the sun, moon teasers, metallic hydrogen (?), enzyme prisming, and #goodblood.

Referenced episodes

  • Primordium, the crucible of form: ep. 19
  • Prognin, Great Geometer and Keeper of the High Form: ep. 22
  • Vampires, the soul-shattered: ep. 31
  • Bremann, festival of lights: ep. 33
  • Drow, fanatics of distant magic: ep. 40
  • Discussing "evil" races and their place in modern fantasy: ep. 44


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