It’s that time again: the godmill! This week we keep it contained to our current focus by fleshing out one of the remaining six Absential realms. Which of the Mutes does the die predict? Find out!

It’s "Oparar." No, really.

Talking points: eatin’ good, organic hot dogs, cheese-monger girlfriend, OG Hell, roll those beautiful bean dice, our treaty to the girl scouts, fem-dentity, hell is North Dakota (not really), empty smiles, apathy gangrene, the universe’s butt, Antimus, f**king consumers amirite, and danger noodle trees.

References – the god series

  • Exaban, god of the battlefield: ep. 7
  • Najani, god of storms and sky: ep. 11
  • Ysengrin, god of fortune: ep. 18
  • Prognin, regent of wisdom and prudence: ep. 22
  • Gade, demiregent of joy and festivity: ep. 28
  • Tiirs, god of fear: ep. 36
  • Dişgulle, goddess of the living gate: ep. 41


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