S1.45 – At the End of the Journey

This week we spend time exploring the origins of the halflings, the Veldt, and Gaea, god of the animistic world. Want to know where halfling pride comes from? Come listen!

Talking points: Cranking a piece of action, motorcycles are cool, rumors in a cave, achronal splits, common ancestry, angelic blessings, family forests (not trees), animal tidepools, the birth of classes, communal independance, and twined destinies.

Referenced Episodes

  • Gnomes, angels and the spire of Oberiska: ep. 3
  • Elves, the children of magic: ep. 5
  • Najani, guiding hand of the firmament: ep. 11
  • Naming, the destiny of the elves: ep. 26
  • Vampires, rulers of the blasted world: ep. 31
  • Alloy dwarves, a people insulated from evils: ep. 38


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