S1.39 – Sparks on the Horizon

Returning to a previously considered topic, this week we consider the spells woven by the loom of reality. What happens when the casting circle is the size of an entire city? A country?

Talking points: wetland appreciation, foot-stabbing segues, co-ed thesis magicians, hungry artifacts, symphonic BLARPs, piggy souls, erudite elementals, philosophical nonsense, the new 9-5 soul-sucking job, Diglett-Pooh’s best friend, and broombas

Referenced Episodes

  • Roarark, city-state of excellence: ep. 8 & 9
  • Magician’s guilds, the craftsfolk of the Nineflow: ep. 12
  • Primordium, the plane of anima: ep. 19
  • Enchanters, the guild of seduction: ep. 30
  • The Nine, protectors of the Nineflow: ep. 37


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