This week we take the knights of yore and give ’em the ol’ Lorekeepers twist… until they’re not knights at all.

Talking points: college avoidance, blue magic, Eisenhorn’s draconian tactics, voluntary geas, dieting cons, JK Simmons regrets, moral (dis)enchantment, magicians staying to the back, and vampire-empress-spirit-leaders.

Referenced Episodes

  • Magical writing systems: ep. 6
  • Cantrips and magician trade schools: ep. 12
  • The Avireal, the fate of dead elves: ep. 15
  • The Ratcatchers, a monster-hunting guild: ep. 23
  • Aevum Tertius, the Age of Destinies: ep. 24
  • Significance of elven naming: ep. 26


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