Waterdeep: Dread tale

  • October 6, 2021
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Waterdeep: Dread tale
Campaign Description

The famed Xanthar the beholder has challenged the adventurers if the forgotten realms to a challenge: “Hello there adventurers! This is not one of those messages where I say your dead and send in my thieves guild, but a quest! My beloved fish Sylgar has been kidnapped by that Volo! Go get him back, and I possibly won’t turn you to dust just now.” And from Volo’s perspective: “greetings, adventurers! I know what your thinking: don’t trust Volo on anything. But now you need to trust me! I have found away to defeat that dreaded thief Xanthar: I kidnapped his pet fish! Help me lure him in and defeat him: or don’t. But this may be our only chance. Wether you do or don’t, By bye for now!”

who do you trust, or do you trust either? Find out in this trust-issue campaign!

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