The Forest of Forgotten Dragons

The Forest of Forgotten Dragons
Campaign Description

Our heroes take a contract leading them to a town plagued by disappearing cattle. Investigations will lead the party to a forest where defunct albino dragons are cared for by an excited hermit who has been driven dangerously close to town by an unknown force to the north. It seems a dragonborne cult has learned of this strange flock and seeks to cleanse these impure dragons to gain favor with the gods. Can our heroes save these forgotten dragons? Will they have the know-how or strength to overcome this fearsome cult?!

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This was the first ever time I DM'ed and it was so great! Both me and my players enjoyed it and it was very easy to understand. Very well written and a great storyline. Loved it!
Great and Simple Adventure to Run
I used this adventure to teach players and myself the mechanics of dnd since we were completely new to it 2 years ago. I still remember the events that happened in those 2 sessions like it was only yesterday. A wonderful story with clear guides for running it!
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