Sylvain's Lament

Sylvain's Lament
Campaign Description

So what is this pre-made adventure? What does it include? Well, a few things. One, it describes a world for you and your group to play in. Two, it details some of the rules of that world. Three, it gives the outlines of a basic story and sets up some NPCs. Four, I also provide some ideas for pre-made characters players could use if they wanted. Fifth, and finally, it sets up a place for future adventures to take place, ones concocted, and hopefully, influenced by playthroughs of this.


So what doesn’t it do? It doesn’t lay out every step of the story. It sets up some goals and initial conditions. The fun is in how people go through those, I think. Having to do stuff is never fun. It doesn’t come up with a bunch of pre-made dungeons, mostly due to the fact that doing that would have been a lot of work and no one is paying me to do it. It also doesn’t provide a bunch of stat blocks for pre-made characters/enemies/whatever, because you – read, an online generator – can do that yourself. There’s also no map, but you can generate one yourself. Or use graphpaper.

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