Never underestimate a typical Dwarf. One must dig a little deeper... A bonus adventure that a DM can pop into the Dragon of Icespire Peak Campaign (or any campaign). This site can become a secret lair for the party through the campaign and be a more safe place to store items without paying for lodging at the inn. This dungeon is to have an assortment of low level adversaries for the party to practice fighting tactics and learn how to use spells. This is an opportunity for the DM to give players a little extra loot and items to help them in their challenge to face the White Dragon but should primarily be a way to encourage out of game adventure and learn about building out a safehouse.
Dragon of Icespire Peak, Phandalin Adventure: Gwendoll's Hut
Campaign Description

This adventure was designed for a party of only three at level 1 to 3.

Interested in any thoughts on improvement, this is my first homebrew and I am just seeing if I can do it.