Merry Crit-mas to D&D Fans with the Ultimate Gamer Gift List

Can’t decide what to get for the fussy barbarian on your holiday shopping list? Or what about the rogue who has it all? And let’s not even talk about finding the right peppermint scented candle for the bard in your life.

Picking out the perfect nerdy gift for every job class on your list can be a challenge. D&D Tomb is here to take the guesswork out of geekery! Get your party the gifts they really want this year with the Ultimate Gamer Gift Guide. Get your shopping done early so you can have yourself a merry little Crit-mas.

Armor and Apparel

Every member of the party deserves high quality stats with this fab armor and everyday apparel. We love the unique designs to choose from! Budget friendly and easy to equip, here’s the short list of our favorite styles.

D&D holiday gifts

Tees, Hoodies and Dresses

Celebrate your favorite dungeon master with this cheeky tee that let’s your mod know they’re “just okay.” Our second runner-up is this Dungeon Meowster tee that combines two of the best things in life; D&D and cats. Colorful and cute prints are great unisex items when looking for gifts for animal lovers and gamers alike. Not a fan of cats? Check out this fabulous Dungeons and Doggos tee instead.

For those who belong to multiple fandoms, we adore this Stranger Things Will Byers homage. Will the Wise couldn’t have said it better with the simple sentiment of “can we play D&D now?” Quick and to the point. Thanks, Will.
stranger things

Tis the season for cozy sweaters! This Dungeons and Dragons classic art sweatshirt is also available as a hoodie. Embrace the nostalgia with a nod to D&D campaign past.

For the fashionista, these  job class skirts are at the top of the holiday shopping guide. Pick one out for your favorite warlock, rogue, or adventurer. The ranger print is especially eye catching, with subtle forest tones that give a nod to the spirit of exploration.

Another go-to fashion item is this Tabletop RPG themed dress. Pair with autumn boots and get ready to embark on your journey.

Jewelry and Accessories

Ward off status ailments in style this Christmas. Accessories are a great budget friendly gift idea that won’t break the bank. Check out these novelty crew socks or dazzle with a pair of critical role stud earrings.

Merry Crit-mas to D&D Fans with the Ultimate Gamer Gift List

Home and Castle

Fortify your friends and families’ homes with cozy supplies from mugs to kitchen ware. Domestic bliss has never been more fun with Dungeons and Dragons themed home decor.

Caffeinate and Play

Ah, mugs. The timeless holiday classic. Get your chilly hands on this D&D Party Mug for every member on your list. If you need more inspiration, Look Human’s Dungeons and Dragons line of coffee cups is perfect for a cold winter’s day.

mug11oz whi z1 t it s not hoarding if it s dice dnd Merry Crit-mas to D&D Fans with the Ultimate Gamer Gift List

The Adventure Book

Notebooks are a practical gift for the artists and writers in our lives. Consider this gorgeous, leather bound antique journal embossed with a splash of dice. This journal can be customized to add a personal touch.

Cheers to Victory

Celebrate the New Year with a round of Ability Score Modifier shot glasses! These delicate glasses are both fun and practical. The proud owner of this set will have a go to geek approved spread for their next D&D party. Pair with a favorite wine or beer for the 21+ crowd and enjoy.

Dungeons & Dragons Shots Glasses

If shot glasses aren’t the critical role to top your gift list, consider other small kitchen accessories like this stylish wooden fridge magnet.

Game On

Of course, every Dungeons and Dragons fan appreciates the gift of tabletop accessories to start the New Year off right. Browse our “best of” list for D&D gifts the holiday season.

All About the Dice

Level up your Christmas shopping with stunning dice sets for D&D players. Wizards of the Coast has released the much sought after Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set that’s set to go on sale December 12th at 9 a.m. PST. The commemorative set comes complete with eleven precision anodized luxury aluminum dice, including two d20s, one d12, two d10s, one d8, four d6s, and one d4, all created exclusively for Wizards of the Coast by Level Up Dice. Each die is fully engraved and anodized with the official D&D ampersand.

hwecihwlcqw d Merry Crit-mas to D&D Fans with the Ultimate Gamer Gift List

The d20 dice masterpiece showcases an inlaid lab-grown sapphire in place of the 20. The set includes a collection worthy dice box and tray, along with a bonus foldout card and exclusive sticker sheet.

One thing’s for sure — this set is the best Dungeons and Dragons gift of 2019.

Dice Bags and Pouches

Have a friend or family member who’s especially protective of their dice? Give the gift of a stylish bag to hold their precious treasures. This microfiber lined dragon dice bag is sturdy and comes with nine different compartments for storage. Plus, we love the old timey adventurer aesthetic.

For the artsy geek, this gorgeous fire elemental themed, hand knit bag is a collection worthy piece. The intricate bead work and soft exterior make this pouch the perfect place to store your master dice. This item is made to order and can be customized. It’s tiny yet tough, holding up to 5 sets of dice at a time.

Tabletop Creations

Explore the world of tabletop accessories for D&D pro’s and beginners alike.

A rustic, wooden dungeon master screen adds a nautical touch to game nights. This piece is handmade and surprisingly affordable. Best of all, the engraving can be personalized for the dungeon master in your crew.

Wooden DM screen gift idea

Another great item on this year’s list are these player character resource, hit points, and spell tracking cards. These are a solid gift idea for new players as well as those setting up a new campaign. Comes complete with number tokens and pegs.

Have a favorite D&D gift item of 2019? Let us know and check out our D&D Homebrews.

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