Trophy Room[edit]
Magical Trap
The room contains a large amount of animals that are stuffed and mounted, in various positions scattered across the whole floor. All ranging from small, medium, and large.

The GM is advised to decide what kind of creatures occupied the room before the party enters. Using a d10 to begin the number and ascending with their challenge ratings.
Three wisdom checks are needed to traverse the room safely, at dc10, 16, and 20 respectively. On pass, the character successfully identifies the magical runes that would activate that phase of the trap. However on a failed save the party is then attacked as one, or a small group of stuffed animals become animate and attack the part.
The GM should roll a d10 and use their list for reference. Going from 1 – 9, the party will normally be attacked by one monster, or it’s associated group.
However on a roll of 10, the dice is to be rolled twice and both results are to be taken into account, rerolling doubles. With the lower CR rating monster on the list, getting priority in the attack and then initiative is to be rolled.
Exploding dice variant
All rolls of 10 are to be counted. But instead add the monster from the bottom of the list and work up towards the top.

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