The Iron Juggernaut[edit]
Both Mechanical and Magical
Meant for high level groups only
A massive construct, made in the shape of a mechanical beast, vaguely resembling the image of a giant and overly muscular ram. Sits hidden behind a false wall at the end of a long corridor. Once the trap is triggered, all doors in the corridor close and lock, and a large stone block slides from the ceiling behind the party, blocking their immediate escape. The false wall flips forward and reveals the Juggernaut, which begins to barrel down the corridor that’s almost too narrow to contain it’s wrath. The Juggernaut’s only purpose is to charge towards the party, with the intent to trample them in it’s wake.
As a construct the Juggernaut is unaffected by spells meant to alter it’s physical form and it possesses magic resistance against all other forms of magic. It is also not affected by difficult terrain and cannot be stopped by typical obstructions of either a mundane, or magical source and is not affected by spells that are meant to hold their target in place. It also possesses resistance to the full range of non-magic damage types. As well as several magical types of damage, chose by the creator.
The trap is triggered when one of the three crystal trip-wires in the corridor are triggered, setting the trap off. These wires are extremely difficult to see the more light there is (DC 23) at max and more easily detected when there is less light, (DC 12) at the very least. They are normally situated 20feet from the entrance of the corridor and no less than 50feet from the Juggernaut’s starting location.
The Juggernaut can easily cover the 100ft distance of the corridor in one round. Giving the party enough time to perform one full round of actions each, even if those same party members had previously performed other actions before the trap was set off.
Hint: No checks are to be made for discovering these requirements and the GM is not to directly tell the party of these solutions. However hinting at what the characters might think is a viable solution will do
All party members must make the required saves to either stop the Juggernaut, destroy it, or bypass it. Unless they can otherwise remove themselves from the current situation.

Party members working together with a combined strength of 60 whether augmented, or not. May make an attempt to seize the Juggernaut and forcefully stop it. Causing it’s internal workings to seize up from the exerted force. Doing so causes the trap to fail, the Juggernaut collapses on the floor. All party members attempting this save must make a (DC 25) save, using strength + athletics modifiers. The DC decreases by 2 for every additional member who makes this attempt. The first failure causes the party member making this roll to suffer 13d8 bludgeoning damage from the Juggernaut’s thrashing. The 2nd save is set to (DC 17) and failing that, causes the Juggernaut to overpower to group, as if they did not match the strength requirement to make the attempt.
Party members may attempt to magically affect the Juggernaut. Either by throwing enough obstacles in front of it’s path to grind it’s advance to a halt, or to damage it enough to destroy it. Players looking to obstruct the Juggernaut will need to place a barrier of at least 15ft in thickness between them and the juggernaut. Causing it to crash through and obliterate most of it’s body in the process. Other players who wish to outright destroy the Juggernaut, need to deal over 100hp worth in damage to the construct, with spells that directly target it.
Party members looking to damage the Juggernaut with ranged attacks, will be required to do so using ammo that is enchanted and of grade +2 or higher. Doing so and dealing 45hp in damage collectively, causing the Juggernaut to grind to a halt and slump over against the wall of the corridor. It’s inner workings clogged by the spent ammunition that has fired/thrown at it. This ammunition is not reclaimable however and that should be made clear to the party upon use, or inspection of the Juggernaut.
Party members with enough skill can attempt to dodge through the Juggernaut’s legs, or jump over it. This requires a (DC 22) check for dexterity + acrobatics. However failing the check by 5, or more causes the effects of class features such as the Monk’s Evasion feature from activating. Along with any other features, or abilities that are used to either avoid, or halve the damage of any one source.
Party members looking to dispel he Juggernaut will need to sheer away it’s magical defenses with successful cast of the dispel magic (DC 13). With this first cast taking away the outer layer of it’s magical defenses. Then two more cast are required after that, with the DC for these increasing in difficulty after each successful cast. Starting at 13 to 15, then to 19. with the last cast causing the Juggernaut to seize in it’s tracks and topple to the floor, sliding to a dead heap in front of the party. Casting dispel magic at it’s base level will not meet this requirement however. So it should be suggested that a cast of at least 5th level, or higher be used to remove these defenses. With higher levels taking off more layers as they are cast.

When the Juggernaut nears the end of the corridor. A large arcane rune begins to glow on the stone block that fell behind the party. This rune transforms into a portal leading into a small demi-plane void, that allows the Juggernaut enough space to stop it’s advance. The trap then resets after the next sunrise. With a mass mending spell being used to repair any damages made to the corridor and the Juggernaut being teleported back to it’s original starting position. After this the false wall is reset and the trap becomes active once again.

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