Stones of Betrayal

Stones of Betrayal[edit] Magical

Stones of Betrayal[edit] A Stone of Betrayal is an enchanted rock that can be of any shape or size. When touched, the creature touching it must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw. Failure results in them becoming extremely paranoid of every living thing around them, to the point where they will attack anything that gets too close. Success renders the character immune to the effect until they lose contact with the stone. This continues until they roll a successful wisdom save against it or until 3 turns after they loose contact with the stone. A Dispel Magic (DC 14) or Remove Curse (DC 14) spell used on the afflicted character will cause them to recover, but if they are still in contact with the stone they will still have to roll a wisdom save on their next turn; if used on the stone instead (Same DC) it will remove the trap entirely, and afflicted creatures will recover on a successful Wisdom Saving Throw or 3 turns later.
The beauty of this trap is the myriad of ways it can be applied. From a tiny pebble stuck in a players shoe, to a bridge they must cross to arrive at their destination, to the stone golem attacking them. Anything made of stone can be enchanted with this trap.

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