Memetic Mind Hazard
Magical Hazard
Memetic Mind Hazards are arguably not a trap, as they are sentient if nonliving and somewhat intangible. They are in fact a kind of parasite from the space between planes that can be lured to a specific spot by concentrating psychic energy from distant planes. Although only magic could accomplish such a feat, sometimes they’ll worm way into the material world on their own. They favor places adventurers want to tread as they are a favored food source.
Memetic Mind Hazards manifest themselves as words, usually only one, at most a short sentence. These words can be anywhere, the ceiling, the floor, inside a chest, anywhere where an adventuring party might spot them. They can appear made out of any substance, including but not limited too, chalk, graphite, paint(dry), paint(wet), seemingly scratched onto the surface, or blood. The word or words they make up can be anywhere from threatening to inviting but all involve some sort of cryptic meaning or high concept, if they direct the players to do anything it will always involve them thinking about the words, or otherwise considering them. Detect magic and other such effects will reveal that the words are magical and extra-planer but nothing else. Attacking the words will cause them to shriek and dissipate.
When the word is first encountered no check is required, but should the any player character stay in its presence for longer than a minute. They are forced to take a skill check with a DC of -20, The GM can decide what check to use and nothing happens if passed. Each further minute spent next to the Memetic Mind Hazard causes another skill check of the GM’s choice. After 5 minutes have passed the words will be noticeably plumper and protruding from the surface having absorbed extra planer influence, touching them in this state prompts them to crawl away into a crack between plains.

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