Infinite Staircase[edit]
This trap is a conjunction of magic and mechanical means. However, without magic it would be an ordinary staircase, so it is Magic.
The Infinite Staircase is a staircase located in some illusionist lairs and deceptive castles. It is noted that the staircase heads upwards most of the time, but cases of downwards or spiraling stairs have been found. When entered, the staircase appears to go on forever. It is actually clever magic, causing the way ahead to be pitch dark, dispelling any light to avoid breaking the illusion of the "infinite" staircase. The darkness will always, however, move away as the creature traverses the staircase. When a creature continues onward through the stairway, at some point the creature will be teleported back. After the teleport, the staircase continues for a bit until it ends or leads to the place ahead (see outcomes). If they keep going on and on, they will just be teleported back in the same matter again and again until they stop. Here they will:

  1. need to complete some kind of condition (e.g keys, quests, or permission). Most times this is combined with 3.
  2. be stuck forever in the staircase. Worst outcome.
  3. head back down the stairs and leave the staircase with remarkable haste (to at least the victim).
    The stairs are actually not very long – the teleportation just makes it seem infinite. This is a simple yet very clever trap employed by those wishing to deter intruders or trap adventurers.

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