Grimoire of the occult

Grimoire of the occult[edit] Magical Trap

Description[edit] An overly large book, with pale yellow colorations, bound in what appears to be humanoid flesh with pages of pressed fat and possessing a smell with the strong pang of blood. This book can be heard humming with barely contained energy and when held in the grip of a living being, is almost too hot to the touch and thumps with he steady rhythm of a heartbeat. When watched from a distance, the book exudes a transparent mist of purplish haze which does not abide by the normal flow of air, or even physics in general. If left without an owner and not under lock & key, the book will actively move through the world. Teleporting to a new location every three days, until a suitable humanoid claims ownership of it.

Setup & Effects[edit] This trap should be placed in the center of a large crowded display room, surrounded by several other artifact like items of both a magical and mundane nature, or hidden away in an average sized storage room. Where it waits for some unsuspecting soul to discover it.
Creatures entering the books area of effect will be hit with a psychically charged image. Similar to that of a phantasmal killer spell, cast at 6th level. The book can maintain up to four of these spell-like effects at any given time, with a spell-save DC of 19. New creatures entering the area of effect will be attacked with these same images, up to the books maximum limit. until they either defeat the spell, or trigger the books second phase.
Upon finding the book, the character triggers the second phase of the trap. In which the book calls on protection from the surrounding area. In this case, being a cult that had recently taken up worship of the book as a newly discovered holy text. The party will have one full turn to deal with the remaining phantasmal killers and destroy the book, before they are set upon by a large mob of dagger wielding cultist. The objective of this mob is to primarily attack the creature holding the book and then retrieve it.
With the book in hand. A creature can make three separate Intelligence checks at DC 18. To quickly ascertain which pages contain the book’s primary words of power and then tear them out. With failed checks dealing 5d9 psychic damage to the player attempting the checks.
Upon tearing out the last page, the book shudders. Releasing a muffled scream that sends all remaining cultist scattering and then disintegrating into dust.

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