Arcane Bolt Tower
These mysterious magical pillars are relics of an ancient civilization long since past, and have proven superb guardians to those who can take advantage of their powers. A glowing blue orb sits atop the pillar, surrounded by stonework fashioned after a claw.
The arcane bolt tower is a large object, with 150 hit points and an armor class of 14. It can see targets out to a range of 120ft, and is not affected by darkness or invisibility. The tower’s vision is obstructed only by physical barriers such as walls and other cover. If a creature is behind half cover, it must make a DC(19) Stealth check to avoid being seen. This DC lowers to 17 in three-quarters cover, and 15 in total cover.
At the end of a creature’s turn that the tower can see, it issues forth a barrage of five magic missiles at the creature, dealing 5d4+5 force damage to the creature.

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