The early morning silence is broken by the swoosh of a mighty pine meeting the forest floor. You rally your team to work through the storm knowing that this early delivery of Iron Wood will grant you all fortune and favor. You have persuaded the Hill Dwarf Lord that clearing the north slope of its Oak will yield greater crops come spring. The hard work of a Lumberjack is as varied as it is rewarding. Every society is in need of food, shelter, and warmth. The Lumberjack helps provide all three of these by; clearing the area of its trees for the use of crops and using the resources for building houses and for the much needed fire to fend of the frost. This lot in life is as dangerous as it is exciting and gives way to many paths of adventure. Did you and your crew stumble upon a ritual in a secret sacred grove? Have they befriended a Druid who finds himself in need? Was an Ancient temple discovered while floating your bounty of lumber down stream? And who are these people you work with anyhow?

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics & Nature

Tool Proficiencies: hand axe.

Equipment: Traveler’s clothes, cast iron pot, game set or musical instrument, hand axe, bedroll and a pouch with 15 gp.

Feature: Just like home

You can identify the species of a tree, its economic and practical value, and the best way of felling it.

Suggested Characteristics

d8Personality Trait
1I have spent so much time in the forest that Civilization seems of little use to me.
2Those that are in my Work Crew/Party are my Brothers.
3I am always ready to celebrate after a hard days toil.
4I live my life so the Bards have songs to sing. I live to be a Legend.
5I live my life simply.
6I judge people by their actions. Not by their words or title.
7I am as calm, strong and as quiet as the forest.
8If you betray my trust you are forever lost to me.
1Strength. You must be strong to survive this world. (Neutral)
2Independence. Live your life to your dreams and cut down that which pens you in. (Chaotic)
3Solidarity. There is nothing that can’t be done if we are united in our cause.(Lawful)
4Responsibility. Many depend on the actions of the few. I will not let them down.(Good)
5Greed. I’m only in this for the coin. (Evil)
6Tradition. My family has proudly hewn these woods for generations.(Any)
1I will find and slay the evil which destroyed my forest/village.
2The forest where I first learned my craft still holds my heart.
3I will win my fame and fortune and return home to win the heart of who I love.
4My Company was ambushed, murdered and I was left for dead. Vengeance will be mine.
5I was cheated my fair share by my last company and I want what is mine!
6I was brought into the Feywild and the life I knew is forever changed.
1I love to drink to excess.
2I have an insatiable sexual appetite.
3I never back down from a physical challenge or act of bravery.
4I have a gambling problem and owe a powerful debtor.
5I secretly know that I am better than everyone.
6I am a wanted criminal who works here until the search for me subsides. Roll d6 Crimes below
1I stole food or poached game from a selfish Lord.
2I was framed for a crime I didn’t commit.
3I murdered the tyrannical Lord that preyed upon my home village.
4I have stolen and hidden a scroll from a powerful wizard.
5I murdered someone who was competing to win the heart of whom I desire.
6I was discovered having an intimate evening with the wife of a powerful noble.