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You worked at the library in your town and village before you had begun to adventure out into the world beyond. In that time you had read a lot and gained a few skills from all your reading. What had driven you away from the library? Was it a search for knowledge? A must to see the world the books described? Or was it something else that caused you to leave? Honestly, it was all three wrapped in one. You left with the skills you earned from the books may help you in this quest and your adventuring party. Why you left is a secret only you and the DM know and one you will share with your party once you have travelled a fourth’s nigh away from your village and are sure they are trust worth with such information.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, History

Languages: one exotic Language of your choice

Equipment: A tome or text (about a great war, person, or Artifact), 5 sheets of parchment, an ink bottle, a feather pen, a set of common clothes and a pouch containing 10 gp

Feature: Researche

You have a letter of introduction or certificate that identifies you as librarian. This allows you to entry into libraries or scriptoriums, or grants you an audience with sages and scholars that would normally be inaccessable to the public. You can be trusted to take care of manuscripts and tomes and may even be permitted to borrow such documents.

Suggested Characteristics

d8Personality Trait
1Books are my everything.
2Knowledge is the most important thing in the world.
3I feel at home when reading.
4Everything must be in order, like on a bookshelf.
5Life is nothing without books.
6Rarely, if ever, am I seen without my nose in a book.
7I have quotes from books for every occasion.
8My vocabulary is vast enough I sometimes use words that are larger then necessary.
1I must spread what I have learned.(lawful)
2Every piece of knowledge will be mine.(Evil)
3There are many pieces of information in the world.(neutral)
4Reading has inspired me to be where I am today.(any)
5Every single piece of information is waiting to be discovered.(good)
6When I find something new I must learn everything about it.(chaotic)
1I opened the library I worked at.
2The first book I ever read is in my head memorized.
3I grew up in a library and I will never forget it.
4I was picked on growing up for being a bookworm.
5I’ve read books that would destroy the sanity of others, those were the best reads.
6I have had to lock a book away to protect others, and I am the only one who knows where the key is.
1I can’t stand not reading at least one page of a book a day.
2I’d give up my companions for a piece of information.
3I am ever too curious.
4I look down on the uneducated.
5When I must find a place to sleep I lodge at the nearest library
6I only talk to smart people.