Throughout your entire life, you’ve heard of the grand adventures by grander adventurers, and from the amount of heroes that pass through your inn you’ve finally become fed up, and have decided to start up the adventuring life of your own, with from what you’ve wrangled up spare from lost property to using card games to earn a little extra gold, you saved up enough to begin your adventure, selling or granting your inn, you set out and begin a new chapter in your life.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Insight

Tool Proficiencies: Brewer’s Supplies or Cook’s Utensils

Languages: One standard language of your choice

Equipment: Brewer’s Supplies or Cook’s Utensils, Two flasks or bottles of alcohol of your choice, and a pouch with 15 gold

Former Proprietor

You ran an inn, which you have abandoned for the life of adventure. However, the new owner of the inn or tavern may give you free room and board at a modest standard. You may also know patrons, who may offer favors or jobs.

Suggested Characteristics

Innkeepers are mostly defined by their customers, for better or worse.

d8Personality Trait
1Everyone has a story to tell, for the right price.
2In my books, if you’re a Patron, you’re a friend.
3I’ve always believed that alcohol is the best medicine.
4I’ve never been scared to back down from a fight.
5My sharp wit and cunning remarks can cut tension like a hot knife.
6I have a joke for every occasion.
7I like to collect trinkets and magical objects, even if that means stealing them sometimes.
8I always have a story that relates to the matter at hand.
1Kindness: A smile and a free ale can raise a lot of spirits. (Good)
2Frugal: If I can haggle a price I will. (Lawful)
3Power: Gold can get you a lot, but a threat can get you more. (Evil)
4Curiosity: I’m always thinking of new concoctions to introduce to the inn. (Neutral)
5Knowledge: With enough alcohol, you can make someone tell you anything. (Chaotic)
6Freedom: if something is being given away, chances are, I will always take it. (Any)
1I will always be grateful to my mentor who taught me everything I know.
2I remember being a “gutter rat” and will push for them to be treated equally.
3I am forever in debt to the family that adopted me when no one else would.
4A monster destroyed my village and family, and now it is my duty to slay the beast.
5I accidentally served a dangerous criminal and now the guards don’t trust me.
6I have grown up fixing my families mistakes.
1I always speak my mind, for better or worse.
2I’m not the most careful of people and tend to break things now and again.
3I have a serious drinking problem.
4My wit has landed me in more jails than I can count.
5I tend to get carried away when insulting someone.
6My anger issues have been responsible for many broken jaws.