Whether you hide in the shadows and watch those whom you protect, or boldly be at their side as their shield, clashing against those who would do them harm, you have devoted your life to servitude for the individuals who you have deemed in need of protection. And in service, you would gladly lay down your life for theirs.

Skill Proficiencies: Perception and Insight, or Investigation and Survival

Tools: Musical Instrument, Gaming set of your choice

Languages: You are equipped with knowledge to better help you communicate with your companion. You know the language of their native land.

Equipment: 2 hand crossbows or 1 heavy crossbow, leather armor, thieve’s tools, a hooded cloak, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch with 15 gold.

Feature: Stalwart Guardian

You may elect to place yourself in the path of danger in order to protect your charge. Any time that you are within 5 feet of your charge, and your charge suffers an attack, you may switch places with your charge and receive the attack in their place. You must declare this before the attack roll is made.

Suggested Characteristics

There are many reasons as to why you may be guarding someone. It could be that you and your family are in the service of a powerful individual, or that you owe a friend a lifedebt after they rescued you from some perilous encounter. You may be friends with the ones you protect: You may not. But in any case, your loyalties are unwavering, and your courage speaks for itself.

d8Personality Trait
1I am overly cautious of all food and drink that either my companion or I consume
2I find it hard to leave my designated companion to themselves.
3I try to take the safest routes through cities, roads, or passes: I am not a fan of dark alley shortcuts.
4If my companion’s legs were weary in the Nine Hells, I would carry them every step of the way.
5Even though I am constantly by my companion’s side, I cannot help but feel alone sometimes.
6I often try to make situations sound better than they are to make my companion feel more comfortable.
7I may be a stick in the mud while I am sober, but I am wilder than an owlbear when I am intoxicated.
8I form attachments to those I care about, and often find myself going above and beyond to make them happy.
1Guardian: I dedicate my life to defending those who cannot defend themselves (Good)
2Indifferent: I do not have personal connections with my charge. They are merely part of the job. (Neutral)
3Determined: I will protect those who I must… by any means necessary. (Chaotic)
4Underhanded: I will learn what the weaknesses of my companion are so that I may take them down in the long run. (Evil)
5Resolute: I follow the law laid down for me to protect those whom I am ordered to. (Lawful)
6Flexible: I take into account my past experiences to help prepare for the future endeavors.
1I have a home I love somewhere, though I may not often see it.
2I am part of an order dedicated to protecting those in need.
3The one who I look after saved me from something horrible once: I owe them everything.
4I have other friends in this business who don’t perform their duties exactly how I do.
5I became as I am to escape a darker time in my life. That time is behind me now, but the faces from the past still linger.
6My companion isn’t the only one who I should protect. There are many more out there without a shield to stand behind.
1I have lost companions before. I now detach myself from my new companions to prevent that same heartache from returning.
2I am often times forgetful, and find this is much to my companion’s dismay.
3Due to my experience and law, I am very stubborn in my ways. It is very nearly impossible to sway my opinions on how things should be handled.
4Trust is a rare commodity in my line of work. As such, it is not something I often give to others.
5My companion and I don’t get along in the slightest. It makes it quite difficult to want to look after them.
6Although I am sworn to protect my companion first and foremost, I will abandon them in the face of certain death. No pay is worth the trouble.