You can remember nothing but subjugation under a tyrant.
You grew up among others who shared your anger and
frustration with the establishment, and you banded together
to protest in the streets, perhaps carrying out acts of
vandalism, violence, and overall delinquency to weaken the
tyrant’s iron grasp over his citizens. At night, you partied in
secret hideaways, creating with your friends a culture and
identity independent from the iron fist of tyranny.

Skill Proficiencies. Intimidation, Survival

Other Proficiencies. Alchemist’s Tools, Improvised Weapons
Equipment. Ragged clothes, a sewn patch representing your
friendship group, a flask filled with oil, a tinderbox, a mace,
a unique weapon you’ve cobbled together from spare parts,
and a belt pouch containing 5 gp.


Having spent a considerable amount of time cycling in and
out of the criminal justice system, you are well known for
your particular brand of anarchic behaviour. Pick a
misdemeanour, or roll on the following table:

d8 Table of Misdemeanours
1 You’ve broken down dozens of shop fronts.
2 If it’s flammable, you’ve set it ablaze.
3 You get your hands dirty on other people’s faces.
4 Your signature is scrawled all over the city in paint.
5 Hundreds of illegal migrants have crossed city borders
thanks to your efforts.
6 You go out of your way to abuse guards.
7 You are the hardest partier who has ever lived.
8 You’ve wallpapered your hideout with stolen paintings.

Blood of the Covenant

Throughout the land, you and your compatriots are jointly famous—for your courageous rebellion against an oppressive regime—and infamous—for your tendencies towards violent
crime—but in either case, almost everyone has heard of you in some form or another. You are often the subject of heated debate. In addition, you still have contact with a small group
of friends bonded by shared experience and upbringing. They will gladly come to your aid if you need it, and they may ask — and expect — your assistance in kind.

Suggested Characteristics
Refer to the personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws from the Urchin background listed in the PHB. You may add the additional characteristics listed below to your options, or you may simply write your own.

d10 Personality Trait
9 I would do anything to prevent the abuse of authority.
10 I never need a cause, only an opportunity.

d8 Ideal
7 Revolution: No single person should ever hold power
for long. (Neutral)
8 Imbalance: A world in perfect synchronisation is
overpoweringly dull. (Chaotic)

d8 Bond
7 I fell in love with an ordinary guard working for the
tyrant, and I don’t fully know how I feel about it.
8 An old mentor showed me kindness by taking me in as
a child. He proved there is hope for everyone.

d8 Flaw
7 I will often make an unexpected decision purely
because I’m worried people will find me predictable.
8 My instability makes me unreliable and frustrating.