Holly Conrad (@hollyconrad) is an amazing roleplayer and costume designer, and D&D fans know her from playing the Tiefling "trash-witch" Strix in Dice Camera Action with Chris Perkins. Hosts Bart Carroll (@bart_carroll), filling in for Shelly, and Greg Tito (@gregtito) ask Holly about Strix, her birds, and her love of Planescape. We also strongly hint at her appearance with the Acquisitions Inc. crew at PAX West. Lore You Should Know – Chris Perkins (@ChrisPerkinsDND) and Matt Sernett (@Sernett) discuss the nation of Halrua. Watch Dragon Talk recordings live on twitch.tv/dnd Mondays at 2pm PT!

Here’s a guide to when each segment on the podcast begins:
00:00 – Intro with Greg Tito (@gregtito) and Bart Carroll (@bart_carroll)
06:39 – Lore You Should Know – Halrua
27:35 – Interview with Holly Conrad (@hollyconrad)
01:15:33 – Outro with Greg and Bart