Siobhan Thompson and Zac Oyama join the Band of Boobs as they confront Akarot’s final form. Bev has it out with Thiala, Moonshine criticizes Akarot’s fashion choices, and Hardwon goes toe to toe with a warrior who is every bit his equal. Support us at to get access to the after-show and a bunch of other Naddpod content! Follow our good friends from CollegeHumor on Twitter: @ChestangRaphael, @GrantOB, @LilyD, @ryguyguyry , @jacuzzitubbs, @KatieMarovitch, @tyang209, @LukeRobot, @rekhalshankar, @MikeWTrapp, @BrennanLM, @agbeardsley.

Music/Sound Effects Include:

"Medieval Marching and Chanting" by Yap Audio Production at

"Anguish" by Kevin MacLeod at

"Conspiracy in the Clouds" by Emily Axford.

"Mee Maw’s Burden" by Emily Axford.

"The Purge" by Emily Axford.

"Apotheosis" by Emily Axford.

"Unknown Tome" by Emily Axford.

"Lilith La Trix" by Emily Axford.

"Angels & Devils" by Emily Axford.