Zac Oyama (Dimension 20 / CollegeHumor) joins the Band of Boobs in the Gladeholm Wizard Tournament! Hardwon tries desperately to impress a new party member, Moonshine bonds with her dirty daddy, and Beverly has an unfortunate incident with a rival wizard. Support us at to get access to the after-show and a bunch of other Naddpod content! Get tickets to our upcoming live shows at

Music/Sound Effects include:

"Crackling Fire" by sagetyrtle at

"Club chatter, London" by mlteenie at

"Dreamy Ambience" by Klankbeeld at

"Techno Pop" by Frankum at

"Small Forest Stream" by CraftCrest at

"Sad Song" by at maerkunst at

"Moonshine’s Stump" by Emily Axford.

"Lucanus Aer’Tea" by Emily Axford.

"The Thinking Cap" by Emily Axford.

"Quiksus" by Emily Axford.

"A Wizard Tournament" by Emily Axford.

"The University" by Emily Axford.

"Star Spawn" by Emily Axford.

"The Whisperwood" by Emily Axford.