It’s the finale of our Ezry adventure with Adam Conover! The party brings Skullis back to Stunkbug’s posh one bedroom apartment and interrogates him to a soundtrack of light jazz. Moonshine uses an improvised tire swing to thwart a foe, Hardwon flexes his diplomacy muscles, Beverly has a no good, very bad day, and Stunkbug comes face to face with a living nightmare.

Music/Sound Effects include:

"Anguish" by Kevin MacLeod at

"Harp.WAV" by RepDac3 at

"Grenade" by Ljudmann at

"Glasshouse" by Themfish at

"CINEMATICBOOMNORM" by HerbertBoland at

"Mystery of the Dark Forest" by Amadeusz Bartos at

"Gypsy Violin Variation" by Howard Geisel at

"Fire Forest Inferno" by Dynamicell at

"Scary Ambiance" by ashleyxxpiano at