This week is all about Mythic Odysseys Of Theros and Explorer’s Guide To Wildemount! Greg & Shelly also keep you updated on the latest happenings with D&D in our news and introductions. This week in Lore You Should Know, we are joined by D&D Narrative Designer Ari Levitch, who goes in depth on Gods of Theros in general, then more specifically Mogis & Iroas! Our special guest this week is cartographer for Explorer’s Guide To Wildemount and fantasy map making extraordinaire, Deven Rue!

Here’s your guide to when each segment begins:

00:00: Intro and News with Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble
09:58: Lore You Should Know with Ari Levitch
41:58: Interview with Deven Rue
1:42:02: Outro

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