Artificer Specialties – master arcane innovations with new specialties and infusions

LaserLlama has released new homebrew options for the artificer class, Artificer Specialties.

Master the innovations of five new specialties and twenty new infusions for the artificer class. Choose from the Aeronaut, Archivist, Composer, Dungeoneer, and Forgewright!

Aeronaut. Inspired by Rocketman and Leonardo DaVinci, take to the skies with this lofty Artificer Specialty. All of your abilities are based on maneuverability and flight. Strike terror from above!

Archivist. A take on my favorite UA that never made it to print. Craft artificial minds inside tiny objects and wreak psychic havoc on your foes!

Composer. This one is my favorite, but also the weirdest. Inspired by the weird instruments in Dr. Seuss’s books, you can blast foes with thunderous force, and make your allies vibrate with musical power!

Dungeoneer. This is the closest thing you’ll get to a “non-magical” artificer, this subclass leans into making the most out of the mundane items in the Player’s Handbook. Someone has to be building all these dungeons!

Forgewright. Part Kieth Baker’s Forge Adept, part Paladin, this would be my take on an arcane half-caster in the vein of Paladin and Ranger. Weaponize your arcane armament and smite your foes with the power of magic!

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