The architect of D&D Beyond (@DnDBeyond) – Mr. Adam Bradford (@BadEyeAdam), and the videographer of the business, Mr. Todd Kenreck (@toddkenreck), stop by after PAX West to chat with Greg Tito (@gregtito). Hey, Dragon Talk will be releasing two episodes per week for the rest of 2017 because we are not very good with time travel. Lore You Should Know – Chris Perkins (@ChrisPerkinsDND) and Matt Sernett (@Sernett) get into the details of Candlekeep, where most of the knowledge of the Forgotten Realms is stored. Watch Dragon Talk recordings live on Mondays at 2pm PT!

Here’s a guide to when each segment on the podcast begins:
00:00 – Intro with Greg Tito (@gregtito), Adam and Todd
19:35 – Sage Advice – Jeremy Crawford (@jeremyecrawford) – Polymorph
01:02:12 – Interview with Adam Bradford (@BadEyeAdam) & Todd Kenreck (@toddkenreck)
~01:55:45 – Outro with Greg and Matthew!