5 free Barbarian backstories for D&D

Barbarian #1

Born in a small village on the edge of the wilds, this barbarian was raised on tales of brave adventurers who ventured out into the unknown. From a young age, they were fascinated by these stories, and they soon found themselves leaving their home to explore the world. Now they wander the land, driven by a relentless curiosity and a desire to prove their strength in battle.

Ideals: Adventure and Discovery; Bonds: Friends and Allies; Flaws: Stubborn and Overconfident

Barbarian #2

Driven by a desire for revenge, this barbarian was born into a nomadic tribe that had been wronged by a powerful warlord. After their parents were slain and their home destroyed, the young barbarian set out to avenge their tribe. Over the years, their skill in battle and their unwavering determination earned them great respect among their peers, and they now travel the world seeking the justice they seek.

Ideals: Freedom and Power; Bonds: Tribe and Nature; Flaws: Reckless and Arrogant

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Barbarian #3

This barbarian was born in the icy wilds, surrounded by the untamed forces of nature. From a young age, they were keenly attuned to the rhythms of the wilderness and quickly became an expert hunter and tracker. They eventually began to explore the wider world, driven by a thirst for adventure and a desire to prove their strength in battle.

Ideals: Loyalty and Courage; Bonds: Home and Community; Flaws: Vengeful and Violent

Barbarian #4

Orphaned at a young age, this barbarian was adopted by a tribe of warriors. Over the years, they honed their skills in battle and developed a deep respect for their adoptive family. When the tribe was threatened by a powerful enemy, the barbarian stepped up and led their people to victory. Now they travel the world, driven by a desire to find worthy opponents and prove their strength.

Ideals: Honor, Strength, and Courage; Bonds: Family and Clan; Flaws: Quick to Anger, Impulsive

Barbarian #5

Raised by a tribe of nomadic hunters, this barbarian was never one to stay in one place for too long. She was taught to survive and thrive in the jungle, and eventually grew to become a formidable warrior. She traveled the world and encountered many dangerous creatures, eventually becoming a feared and respected barbarian in her own right.

Ideals: Honor and Justice; Bonds: Code of Conduct; Flaws: Prideful and Impulsive

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